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Prepare and Improve Your Terrain

Making significant changes to the landscape that include dirt work can be quite tasking and nearly impossible to perform without the right assistance and equipment. Contacting a reliable excavating contractor is a great way to get the required results safely and in a timely manner. Our extensive experience helps us to properly discern our clients’ project requirements and deliver an appropriate solution through careful planning and design. Chico Excavating & Property Management LLC follows important industry regulations and ensures that all results are up to code!

How We Operate

In order to perform efficient grading and excavation work, we have top-of-the-line excavation equipment in excellent condition. Before any work begins, we work out all the project details with our clients and make sure that the necessary safety measures are in place. All construction-related projects are done by implementing time-tested methods and using high-quality materials. Our goal is to finish every project within the agreed-upon parameters on time. We love our work and we are proud to make our customers happy with the quality and the value of the final product.

The Areas We Serve

Our team ensures exceptional property management by relying on over 20 years of hands-on experience. We know how to deliver custom-tailored solutions that match our clients’ practical requirements. Ready to help as many residential clients as we can with their upcoming projects, we offer our services throughout Arlington, VT, and all the following areas:

  • Sandgate, VT

  • Manchester, VT

  • Cambridge Village, NY

  • White Creek, NY

  • North Bennington, VT

  • Williamstown, MA

Book an appointment with Chico Excavating & Property Management LLC directly and rely on our experts to build your new backyard retaining wall or take care of any other project you have in mind. We are prepared to do quality work for clients throughout Arlington, VT, and all the surrounding areas. Contact us today!


Site Preparation & Land Clearing

In order for any type of construction work or landscaping to be done, it's often necessary to begin with land clearing. We will remove all types of obstructions including trees and stumps, foliage, stones, and more. Our team can ensure detailed site preparation at fair rates.


Demolition Work

Our experts can perform controlled destruction of unwanted and run-down buildings and objects. We secure the area first and make sure that all the required precautions are in place. Our team works carefully and wears the required protective gear for every task.


Tree and Stump Removal

If the trees on your property are hazardous or in the way of your property development plans, we can remove them. The removal process is handled safely and with the use of reliable equipment. We also have the required tools to remove the stumps from the ground.

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